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Kitsap County Foreclosure and Bank Owned Homes

Kitsap County Foreclosure and Bank Owned Homes

Kitsap County is a beautiful coastal area on the west side of Puget Sound. A part of the Kitsap Peninsula, it is also within commuter range of the Seattle/Tacoma Metro area via ferry or bridge, making Kitsap County a popular place for home buyers and real estate investors.  In the early days it was a center for logging operations, commercial fishing, and boat building. Many family homes were built in the County once the first bridge connected the peninsula to Tacoma. Today it remains very affordable with the median home price around 200,000, and much of Kitsap County has also become a tourist draw. The current real estate market shows about two  hundred foreclosures, also known as bank owned homes in Kitsap County and surrounding area. Investors, bargain hunters, and first time buyers are all interested in these properties. Buyers are finding that using a search site helps them find fixers, learn about short sales, and prepare to buy bank owned homes.

Kitsap County Foreclosures offer investors several ways to build their portfolio of properties. They can buy foreclosures and  bank owned  to rehab and flip. There are many modest fixers and other bank owned homes that just need a few updates and repairs to increase the market resell value. Investor groups and individuals can pick this type of bank owned homes up through short sales, do the rehab, and sell for a profit. Kitsap County has a booming tourist industry with travelers coming to see the scenic and historic attractions. Investors could base their portfolio on bank owned homes, condos and townhouses that they buy  and then rent out to tourists. They can also follow the long term lease market and rent single family homes in Kitsap County.

Although located in an adjacent portion of Pierce County, Gig Harbor’s location also makes it a desirable place for first time home buyers, especially those interested in foreclosures and other bank owned homes. Some of Gig Harbor Foreclosure Homes are fixers, and new buyers can often get more home for their dollar if they are willing to make the necessary repairs and upgrades. There are nice family bank owned homes homes and townhouses located inland, north of the Carr Inlet. First time buyers interested in bank owned homes should do some research on an online search site. They should also consult with a professional if they plan to bid at an auction or buy through short sales.  Feel Free to contact us with any questions!

Real estate bargain hunters will find a good selection of bank owned homes and foreclosures in the Kitsap county and nearby areas . For some this means buying one of the luxury bank owned homes in Fox Island (Pierce County). Discount searchers will also want to consider the number of fixers and single family homes available through short sales at reduced prices.

There is a wide range of bank owned and foreclosed property throughout Kitsap County, from upscale Point Fosdick,  the many charming neighborhoods, to the coastal properties on beautiful Puget Sound. Interested buyers can research all available properties at a great online search site.